Guest Post: Author Bethany Michaels Shares The Naughty List

I am happy to give free range to author Bethany Michaels on my blog today. She is sharing with us quite a list. Sharpens your pencils and take note, the list is totally Sinful!

The Naughty List

When we were kids, we’d spend hours going through the Sears toy catalog, looking at the Sunday Toys R Us fliers and studying TV toy ads in the quest to make the perfect Christmas lists to send to Santa. As adults, we rarely get this opportunity. Give us a gift card or a techie device and we’re generally happy. I don’t know many adults at all who take the time to make a list of what they want for Christmas, but I think a husband, boyfriend or significant other would be tickled to get such a list from you if it involved some toys they could share. If your Christmas list runs more towards leather and lace rather than fuzzy socks and herbal teas, here are some of the best adult toys around:

The Jack Rabbit. As far as vibrators go, the Jack Rabbit is a classic. It has a traditional internal dildo-style vibrator as well as clitoral stimulating bunny ears, rotating beads that do great things to all those sensitive nerve endings and variable speed settings so you can get the perfect stimulation. There are dozens of variations on this product, too. It comes in various size, shapes and colors and well as water-proof versions for shower fun. These run from about $40 to $100+ depending on the variation and can be bought online at various outlets.

Clitoral stimulator. It’s gentle, it’s focused and it works. Designed to cradle the clitoris and provide gentle but effective stimulation, these external devices come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. They can be used alone or with a partner and have variable speed settings. Some are even sewn into panties! Adam & Eve has a wand version, the Clitoral Hummer, for $24.95.

Wand massager.  These are powerful devices sold as muscle massagers at places like Walgreens, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Sharper Image and even Wal-Mart! While they do give great massages to aching back muscles, they are also known as superb “personal” massagers. The Hitachi Magic Wand is a favorite and you can buy some interesting accessories and attachments at The Hitachi runs about $55 at most outlets and plugs in so you never need to worry about the batteries dying in the middle of the action. The speed settings don’t offer a lot of variation and this is a powerful tool, so you may want to purchase a speed control device that the wand plugs into. This will give you more control over the strength of the vibe you get from the wand. These are available at hardware stores or online for a few dollars.

We Vibe. If you’re looking for a great couples toy, this is it. It’s a small U-shaped flexible vibrating toy that’s actually used during intercourse. The smaller part goes inside the woman and then it curves around to provide clitoral stimulation, too. The guy also gets vibrating stimulation as he thrusts. There’s really no other product out there like it. We Vibe comes in several different models and colors and costs $100- $170 at Adam & Eve. It’s on the more expensive end of the sex toy array, but totally worth it.

Bed bondage set. Looking to turn your bedroom into a bondage den for the night? Try an under-the-bed restraint system. This is a sort of strap thing that goes under your mattress and has wrist and arm restraints that come out the side. Play all you want, then tuck the restraints back under your top mattress out of sight for more play after the kids go to bed. There are several different models and brands available and if you’re crafty, you can probably make your own. Spencersonline has one for about $40.

Thank you  Bethany for sharing this awesome list with us, I am sure there will be a few naughty girls who will waste no time adding some of the suggestions to their shopping list. No excuses, you still have time to do your Christmas shopping and since I am sure you have been a naughty girl this year, make your holidays hot and naughty!

Happy Holidays!

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