Giveaway: 1 Day Pass (Friday Oct 10) New York Comic Con 2014 hosted by @ReadingDiva3

Giveaway: 1 Day Pass (Friday Oct 10) New York Comic Con 2014 hosted by @ReadingDiva3

Hey readers & friends,

I hope you got to enjoy the summer, I know it feels like the summer never lasts long enough and just when you are putting away your winter clothes it is time to bring them back out again. I know I have been somewhat silent for the past few months but I have a good reason for that. I first had construction going in my house, then I got busy with work and after the weather got warm I sort of decided to just enjoy the sunny days and relax. But now that the summer is over,  I decided to return with a BANG. I am sure some of your noticed my complains about the crazy way in which the NYCC handled the sale of tickets this year. It was really annoying to see how many people were not able to get tickets when they have been long time fans and have attended every year (like me). I was lucky enough to get 2 Friday tickets – but my husband and I were aiming for the usual 3day pass which we were not able to get. The day the tickets went on sale by retailers I decided to try my luck and was able to buy a 4 day ticket (by the time I got to the front of the line every other ticket was sold out). But to make the story short, I am not going to use the extra Friday ticket I have (we are not passing it along to family or friends) – my husband suggested I give it away to my very loyal friends/readers/followers & fans.

Before you get to the rafflecopter below understand the following…

– I am giving the ticket away because I am nice and because I wanted to share that experience with someone who would take advantage of it 100%.

– If you are not in the USA – or NY for that matter I don’t suggest you enter the giveaway and take away the opportunity of winning from someone else, unless you can prove you are going to be in NYC Oct 10th (copy of your booked flight — sorry I have to make sure it is true and a copy of an ID will be required).

– You promise to take a picture holding the ticket and post your devotion & love to me and my blog by posting how much You love ME (ReadingDiva’s Blog) for being so freaking AWESOME! LOL — Just kidding.

– I will at least expect you to take a picture with me after I hand you the ticket, I mean it is only fair and polite 🙂 — I don’t have any other major requirements.

– Just be honest and do not enter under multiple accounts (I WILL BE CHECKING IP addresses). I want everyone to have the same chance to win — if you are a blogger in NYC – let’s make it a date if you win.. I would love to meet other people who enjoy reading as much as I do!

Without further ado….

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