Feature & Giveaway: Royal Lies by Kerri L. Roth

Feature & Giveaway: Royal Lies by Kerri L. RothRoyal Lies by K. L Roth
Series: The Royals
Published by Hot Ink Press on April 15th, 2017
Genres: Historical Romance/Erotica
Format: eBook
Source: Amazon

James is about to get everything he ever wanted. He’s about to become the next of King of England. He’s engaged to the Princess of Spain, Alice, and England has never been wealthier.
He’s about to get it all until everything shatters around him.
The palace is stalked by demons from his past, hiding in the shadows, waiting.
Deadly truths are etched onto the portraits of the late queen who was beheaded, taking a secret to her grave that would change everything.
As he takes on the role of being the most powerful man in England, he realizes that everyone is hiding secrets, the noblemen are pulling strings, and he can’t even keep his sister under control.
When he finds out the truth, how far will he go to hold onto his crown?


The eerie darkness of that night would never escape their memories. The servants in the castle
gathered to watch as the Queen was escorted to the tower. Their beautiful and kind Queen; only
twenty years old, and just another pawn in the court’s games.

Her screaming toddler, James, was ripped from her arms; his eyes glossed with tears as he
looked at his father, the King.

The King’s expression was devoid of all emotion as his wife was dragged away. On his arm, his
mistress smirked as she watched Queen Jayne leave.

Jayne gulped hard as she kept her head up with what dignity she had left, and refused to cry as
she heard James crying out for her.

People gathered around the entrance, all lowering their heads as she stepped into the carriage.
She had known it was coming for a long time, yet a childish part of her had hoped that it would
all just go away. Young Lord Greenstone was behind the whole thing, not that she would be
able to prove that.
The King wanted her dead and all the evidence in the world couldn’t save her from that.
She looked out of the carriage, hoping to catch a glimpse of the castle for the last time. It stood
proudly as it had done for decades, against the black sky. Milky speckles formed shapes
against the dark canvas, and for a minute she let herself just enjoy the beauty of the night.
Rain drizzled down, then turned to heavy drops, slamming against the carriage.

It hadn’t rained in months; the people later said that it was god crying for the Queen.
The tower slowly came into view, the grey mass twisting up into the sky, casting a shadow on
Guards waited by the entrance. She stepped out and was escorted to the entrance. As she
stepped past the scaffolds, she ran her fingers around her neck, reminded that soon it would be
detached from her body.


About the  Author: K. L Roth lives in the small town of Delphos, Ohio.  When she’s not writing she enjoys reading, participating in outdoor activities, and teaching her son the outdoor way of life with her husband. She writes all genres from erotica to horror.  She has collaborated with Author R. L Weeks to bring you exciting, sexy and sometimes horrific stories. Credits: Cover model: Robert Kelly –  Photographer: Jason Myles
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