Early Review & Giveaway: The Ghost (The Highland Guard) by Monica McCarty

Early Review & Giveaway:  The Ghost (The Highland Guard) by Monica McCartyThe Ghost by Monica McCarty
Series: The Highland Guard
Published by Pocket Books Genres: Historical Romance/Erotica
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Joan Comyn swore allegiance to Robert the Bruce the day she witnessed England’s barbarous king torturing her famous mother, Scot patriot Bella MacDuff. Now the mysterious beauty slips into men’s hearts like a specter and entices England’s most illustrious barons to unwittingly divulge their secrets, then shares them with her king. Known only as the Ghost even among her Highland Guard brethren, Joan has become the most wanted spy in England.

The man determined to uncover her identity poses her biggest threat yet. Alex Seton once stood with Bruce but now fights for the enemy. Though Joan knows she must avoid the handsome warrior or risk discovery, his knightly chivalry touches a place in her long since buried. When his suspicions grow apparent, Joan realizes she must do everything in her power to stop Alex from revealing her mission and convince the powerful fighter to join forces with the Highland Guard once more. But as the ultimate battle in the great war approaches, will Alex chose love or honor?

REVIEW: In this installment, the highland guard have an allied in enemy territory and while the English know of the traitor existence they have yet to identity who it is.

I have loved every one of the books I have read in The Highland Guard series – and most of all I have enjoyed how beautifully written and pace the stories have been. In this installment in particular I couldn’t help but admire the way in which the author brought so much into play, from the existence of an traitor within the walls of an English high rank officer’s home, to the way in which these characters open their heart to forgiveness, trust, second chances and love.

The Ghost explores and exploit so much more than previous installments. Treason, punishments, abuse, and battles seems knocking at every door, and everywhere throughout Scotland and its surroundings regions. While some have suffered more than others, everyone who has suffered at the hand of the English Throne has swore to help Robert The Bruce to gain his rightful kingship. Many of those alliances have been more dangerous than others and many have suffered the consequences of their treason, however it only took an instant of pain, shame and deceit for Joan to decide where her trust & alliance would fall. The Ghost as the English has labeled her manages to send vital information to Robert The Bruce, information that has derailed the many attempts of the English to destroy Robert The Bruce advances, but while many of those attempts have had dire consequences the English seem to keep losing ground, and forces. The way in which the plot developed was brilliantly executed.

McCarty managed to create a female character that is not only strong and smart but also agile, beautiful and with a great heart. As a woman Joan used her beauty & sex-appeal to lure men into giving her the information she needed, even if it by doing so she exposed herself to troubles, criticism and societal scrutiny. In a time when women’s virtue, decorum and obedience was part of a woman’s nature Joan stood apart and made her importance in the story even more eminent and pronounced.  The victories by Robert The Bruce over the English king were many, but not without loses. While The Highland Guard managed to take over some of the most important castles in Scotland and their neighboring regions the king had also made alliances that could prove problematic for Robert The Bruce. The way in which the story flows is superb, while the drama and societal mistrust rages within the English society, Robert The Bruce seem to make great advances and with so much at risk he didn’t shy away of using any means necessary to get to the kingship.

Because the novel is narrated through Joan (The Ghost) point of view, her machinations, her passion, her forbidden desires and the ways in which the story is told creates an immediately intimacy that becomes part of the readers experience, making those historic events between the English & Scottish even more exciting.

While Joan had blindingly allied to Robert The Bruce and had set her goals to see him take the throne, Alex (Joan’s love interest) found himself trapped between honor and duty. As former member of The Highland Guard he not only knew how they operate but also knew what to expect from them. Often times readers tend to praise characters such as Alex and not without merit, he is characterize by his strong belief of doing the right thing, to helping those in need and that a man should be bound to his word and his his honor. Alex is a fantastic character, one readers will be enamored with, because his honor defines him and his admiration and trust to Joan is inspiring. The romance develops slowly, but while it does, it carves and mold their attraction with sparks of passion making their encounters sexy & exciting.

I love the history behind this story, it isn’t difficult for the reader to submerge into the battle that existed between Scotland & England. The Ghost is a fantastic historical romance, with a fantastic set of characters and a story backdrop that is filled with history, strong characters and an incredible end.

Do I recommend this book? YES YES YES
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