Early Review: Double Time by Olivia Cunning – Rating 5 of 5

Title: Double Time: Sinners On Tour (The Sinners on Tour)
Author: Olivia Cunning
Series: (The Sinners on Tour)
Source: NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review
Price: $7.19 Kindle | PB $8.55
Where to buy: Amazon

Heat Level: Sizzling HOT

Description:  He Craves Her Music and Passion  On the rebound from the tumult of his bisexual lifestyle, notoriously sexy rock guitarist Trey Mills falls for sizzling new female guitar sensation Reagan Elliot and is swept into the hot, heady romance he never dreamed possible. She Can’t Get Enough of His Body Ecstatic to be on tour learning the ropes with Trey’s band, The Sinners, Reagan finds she craves Trey as much as she craves being in the spotlight. They Both Need More…When Reagan’s ex, Ethan Connor, enters the scene, Trey’s secret desires come back to haunt him, and pleasure and passion are taken to a whole new level of dangerous desire.


REVIEW: There are times when I read a book and I feel exhausted after I am done. But after I read Double Time I feel refreshed and giddy. This book is incredibly fun and so very sexy.  I am going to try and give a review without spoilers since the book is not out yet. It will be difficult because I want to tell you SO MUCH about these characters and the story but I’ll be nice and keep it clean.

Double Time is part of the Sinners on Tour Series and the first book I read by Olivia Cunning. I am impressed and I have become Olivia’s number one fan. Double Time is fun, sexy, sinful and totally hot.
If you have read Olivia Cunning’s books then you understand my excitement, if you haven’t well you might as well make it a priority. Her writing style is enticing & sexy. Her characters are a joy.

Double Time was such a fun read it is the love story between 3 very different people, but with common needs and desires.  What I like the most about this book aside from the hot scenes is the feel of reality that it has. The vulnerability expressed by some of the characters and the need for acceptance and love is what made the story feels even more real.

The story is wonderful, for those who have already read the other books in the series they are in for a wild and fun ride. Trey is hot, sexual and charming. His struggles and feelings are what makes him even more likeable.  I am smitten by Trey, he totally rocked my world. Reagan is such a wild surprise and I totally enjoyed her character. Her personality and her attitude added balance and spark to the story and with her so did Ethan. He is in control, he is rough, sexy, and upfront with what he likes and want and isn’t afraid to say so. This story gives the reader an insight of what goes on in the world of Rock-N-Roll.The attitude, the bands, the music the sex, the emotions are all raw and one can’t help but feel it to the core.

I think I have found my favorite band; I am sticking to The Sinners. I am looking forward to reading the next book, but in the meantime I will add the previous books of the series to my reading pile. Though I haven’t read the previous books, I was given a good glimpse into some of the characters. Brian caught my attention and so did Jed. The sex scenes are one of the hottest I have read, this book isn’t for the weak of heart, the experiences are erotic. There is MM action, MFM action and everything in between. Who would’ve thought Rock-N-Roll could be so HOT.

Olivia Cunning has a way with words, be ready to get your socks rocked on. She writes wild scenes, they can make you blush, they can make you quiver and they can make you sweat. Her characters come alive and you can’t help but feel as if you are part of the wild ride. I am hooked!

Do I recommend this book? Heck Yeah!


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