Daredevil Recap: Season 1 Premier – Ep1


First episode
April 10, 2015
Network: Netflix
Language: English
Genres: Action, Science Fiction


Marvel’s Daredevil has been in the making for so long I have completely lost track of this superhero. Not because it has been overshadowed by others more prominent and interesting characters but because producers and directors alike have taken forever to give us something of quality.

Season 1 started with a bang. The first episode Into The Ring take us into the action of Hells Kitchen, where our hero bases his playground. I have to say that I enjoyed seeing the fantastic job they have done in the first episode, it is darker and more intense than its counterpart superheroes. Daredevil gives us a darker and more intricate set of rules that differ greatly from other movies we have seen in the past few years. While I think action wise it started appropriately it also gives us a good idea of what to expect from our beloved superhero.

Into The Ring opens the door to a very dark side of Hells Kitchen where crime lies low  but its impact is great. The young and beautiful Karen Page played by Deborah Ann Woll  wakes up in her apartment covered in blood and next to her lays the body of her coworker. The episodes develops around the why and who killed Karen’s coworker and the why of his death. Karen is accused on his murdered and is taken to jail. Of course nothing is ever that simple, that’s when the hot set_daredevil_netflix_640and young attorney Matt Murdock comes to the rescue. This episode gives an introduction to Kingpin, and where his power and allies can be found. Of course the knowledge of a vigilante isn’t welcome, Kingpin understands the threat  Daredevil pose and sends his croonies in a hunt to eliminate Daredevil while making sure Karen is also eliminated. I think the connection these characters have already established is what will give the series a sense of reality that many action heroes movies lack, the fight for what’s right and for justice gives Daredevil the push needed to make it a hit.

I totally loved the story line and the characters. I love the chemistry between Matt & Foggy – the jokes and the banter between them makes them perfect for these characters.  It is fair to mention how well Karen fits in with these two very close friends and colleagues. I think this episode sets the foundation to an amazing series. Daredevil doesn’t require introduction, his character has always been a loved one by many. Netflix is breaking the rules and has given their subscribers the most needed escape from regular programming.

Clair Temple played by Rosario Dawnson was a great addition to the series. Her acting and ability to make her characters feel authentic is refreshing. Matt can totally kickass, his fights and abilities are amazing. Daredevil has never look hotter and lethal. The action is non-stop and the drama adds the thrill one expect to see in any superhero movie. Go ahead and watch the first episode, you will not be disappointed.





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