Comic Review: Girl Over Paris #1 (The Cirque American Series) by Gwenda Bond

Comic Review: Girl Over Paris #1 (The Cirque American Series) by Gwenda BondGirl Over Paris by Gwenda Bond, Kate Leth
Series: The Cirque American Series
Published by Jet City Comics on November 9 2016
Genres: Adult Comics, YA Comics
Format: eBook
Source: Amazon Unlimited
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After a high-profile tumble, Cirque American’s star wire walker, Jules Maroni, has a lot to prove—and her invitation to an exclusive exhibition in Paris looks to be just the opportunity to put her back on top. Unfortunately, the City of Lights glitters with distractions, including the presence of her first serious boyfriend and a mysterious figure haunting the venue.


  • Plot
  • Characters
  • Romance
  • Narrative
  • World Building
  • Design/Graphics

Girl Over Paris is the first comics I review and I am happy and excited to say I am hooked. Girl Over Paris follows Julie Maroni a young  wire walker who after tumbling during a performance finds her way back into the spotlight after being invited to an exclusive exhibition in Paris. It starts with Julie heading to the airport with her parents & publicist and of course her parents are worried about but her while their worry is warrant Julie’s concerns are far more less complex.  Shortly after arriving at the airport we are introduced to her boyfriend Remy and Dita, Remy’s sister. It is then that they embark into an adventure that will either redeem Julie and bring her stardom back or ruin her career.


I liked how the story flows, it doesn’t take long for one to witness Julie’s concerns and worry not solely for walking on the wire again. She is mentally and physically prepared, but her focus falters when she experiences something otherworldly. Bond has done a great job incorporating these characters in a comic form and adding interest while developing the story into what seems to be a great comic novel. I enjoyed part #1 of the Girl Over Paris and I am certainly looking forward to reading the next one.


Julie is ready to experience the wire and the high that comes from being in her zone, but nothing prepares her for what she witness, something that will make her doubt herself and everything around her. I enjoyed how Bond right away starts with the mystery that is introduced while Julie is taking just the first steps over the wire.


But nothing can ruin the moment for her, after a very strange situation Julie manages to walk successfully over the wire gaining the spectators love and respect once again. But once the exhibition is over Julie experience with what she saw and doesn’t know and understand comes back to hunt her. I think the way in which the first part of the comics ended is perfect, it evoke curiosity & wonder making me want to rush to part #2 right away. gop4

PROS: The author, the writer and the illustrators did a superb job bringing these characters to life, the story line is easy to follow and the world convey by the images add depth making it a great reading experience. I am hooked and I can’t wait to read the next part.

CONS: I have one complain and that’s the lack of background on Julie, as well as the nature of her relationship with Remi. I would’ve liked to have some background about these characters before going into Julie’s big return to the wire.

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