Check It Out – Movie Review & Recommendation: Last Train To Busan via Amazon Video

Check It Out – Movie Review & Recommendation: Last Train To Busan via Amazon Video

TRAIN TO BUSAN is a harrowing zombie horror-thriller that follows a group of terrified passengers fighting their way through a countrywide viral outbreak, trapped on a suspicion-filled, blood-drenched bullet train ride to the Safe Zone…which may or may not still be there.

Film information

Directed by: Yeon Sang-ho
Produced by: Lee Dong-ha
Written by: Park Joo-suk
Starting: Gong Yoo - Ma Dong-Seok - Jung Yu-mi - Kim Su-an - Kim Eui-sung - Choi Woo-shik & Ahn So-hee
Release date: May 13 2016
Language: Korean

Review: If you are looking for a horror movie this weekend, look no further. The Last Train To Busan is a 2016 South Korean zombie apocalypse action thriller film and unlike many zombies movies I have seen in the past, Last Train to Busan offers an inside look into South Korean culture, family drama & a parent’s promise to his child.

Think of I am Legend & WWZ on steroids, these zombies are fast and they are hungry.  OK, let’s back up a bit. The story starts by introducing us of the main characters.  Seok-woo who is a fund manager and a man whose only focus is work. We also meet his adorable daughter Soo-an. As we get to know these characters we get glimpses into their every day struggles, Seok-woo relationship with his daughter is diminishing, their lack of communication seems to be having a toll on the young girl and it is for that reason she is missing her mother greatly. As Soo-an’s birthday  approaches she manipulates her father into taking her to Busan to spend her birthday with her mother.

As they board the train to Busan, things start to develop quick. As a young girl board the train, Seok-woo and his daughter notice something strange, the girl seems to be sick, and her illness taking over her body,  convulsions and spasms seem to make her shake frantically. The sick girl then bites one of the train crews and that’s what starts the apocalypse and a total panic on board of the train.

Last Train to Busan is filled with strong emotions, sacrifices and betrayal, it shows human dark nature while trying to hold onto survival. I enjoyed this movie more than I expected. From the ingenious ways in which these travelers move from one train car to another, to the way in which they discover what stimulates these zombies. In a live or die situation, friends and family try to survive in any way possible. These characters and their individual story bring the human side of the drama and each of their story seem to entwine in more than one way. They each hold an important part in the game of survival.

As expected, the acting is dramatic and the action is non-stop. Last Train to Busan can keep viewers entertained from the beginning until the end. Grab the popcorn, and grab tissues, some scenes will grip at the heart. Please note this film is very graphic.

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