Check It Out – Movie Review & Recommendation: Godzilla (Planet Of The Monsters) P1 : E1 via Netflix

Check It Out – Movie Review & Recommendation: Godzilla (Planet Of The Monsters) P1 : E1 via Netflix

A desperate group of refugees attempts to recolonize Earth 20,000 years after Godzilla took over. But one young man wants revenge above all else.

Director(s): Kobun Shizuno - Hiroyuki Seshita
Screenplay: Gen Urobuchi
Original Story:
Gen Urobuchi
Series Composition:
Sadayuki Murai, Yusuke Kozaki, Gen Urobuchi
Cast:Mamoru Miyano, Takashiro Sukurai, Kana Hanazawa
Genres: Action & Adventure, Anime, Adult Animation, Anime Action, Anime Features, Anime Sci-Fi, Japanese Movies, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy

  • Plot
  • Characterization
  • Dialog
  • Narrative
  • Structure
  • Visual
  • Violence

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I am a big fan of Godzilla, I have watched every Godzilla movie/cartoon I have come across and even look

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for excuses to watch even the shittiest of them when on TV.  I am a fan and I make no apologies.

Having said that, when I turned my TV on last night to check what was on Netflix I was extremely excited to see another Godzilla movie. In this 88 minutes anime, we are given a taste of yet another story of monsters, people and humanity’s battle for survival.

I am not denying that the premise had me a bit concern, I have come to accept Godzilla as a defender of humanity in its own right, but what this movie offers is a very different type of Godzilla awesomeness.

The introduction starts with a spaceship, and what seems to be a conflict of insubordination, a passenger demanding the captain to put a stop to a spaceship which seems to be formed by volunteers to go on an expedition to a close by planet. What follows is a dramatic push to sabotage what seems to be the only way out for those few who have survived 20 years onboard the spaceship. But as the spaceship proceed to descend into this new planet, an explosion brings it all to a sudden end.

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At this point, we aren’t sure yet why they have been on that spaceship and what they are looking to find on their space quest.

Then, as the story starts we are shown why they are on a spaceship traveling throughout space. Earth was attacked by monsters 20 years prior, monsters came from deep in the earth and oceans, and destroyed everything.  In an effort to counterattack these monsters, a type of defense was put into place, but they were unable to put it to use. But in their failure, an attempt to save humanity began, evacuations started to take place.

At the same time, an alien race named the Exif showed up on earth, they called themselves observers and predictors and they came to earth to tell humans about their destiny. But their help wasn’t offered out of just good intentions,  what they proposed in return was that earth allowed them to live among them in exchange they would help the earth to eradicate Godzilla. But as all failed, they too were forced to fleed.

What follows then, is a beautiful display of bright graphics and good dialog followed by a battle between humans and monsters on an earth that was no longer the earth humans once knew. The story unravels at a good pace and the viewer is left with a great story of survival & sacrifice. If you are a fan of anime, Godzilla & science fiction then you will likely enjoy this introduction. I am looking forward to the next episode, the end left me craving for more.

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