Check It Out – Movie Review & Recommendation: Blame (Anime) via Netflix

Check It Out – Movie Review & Recommendation: Blame (Anime) via Netflix

Film information:
In the distant future, civilization has fully integrated with cybertechnology, resulting in automated cities. A virus causes these automated systems to malfunction, sending humanity to the brink of extinction as their own defenses turn on them.


Director: Hiroyuki Seshita
Adapted from: Blame!
Screenplay: Sadayuki Murai
Music composed by: Yugo Kanno
Languages: English, Spanish, Japanese, French, German
  • Plot
  • Characterization
  • Dialog
  • Narrative
  • Structure
  • Violence
  • Visual
  • Suspense

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REVIEW: In a post apocalyptic time – a city grows slowly, propelled by the technology that has almost eliminated all human life. A time when human poses a virus that allowed it to manipulate technology the city wanted to extend their technology but could not be replicated, it was then that artificial intelligence took over the city and very few humans were left alive.

Blame is a fantastic animated film that explores society’s race towards extinction and their fight for survival. After losing the ability to connect with the city, humans lost the battle and the city was overtaken by machines. As these characters struggle to survive, food and necessities  become scarce and venturing out of their “parameter” comes necessary putting those brave ones at risk of losing their lives. As a group travels beyond the parameter to find food, they are attacked by machines and while they fight and try to stay alive, an unlikely hero emerges.

As these human and Killy (their newly acquainted hero) try to find a way to eliminate the advance of the city and the humanoid machines, they embark into a adventure that will likely bring peril before the machines can be terminated. Blame brings a strong message of unity, survival and hope. While this is my 2nd Anime/Manga adaptation I watch I am pleased enough with it to recommend it.

Blame doesn’t necessarily focus on the actual village of survivors but in their struggle to stay alive. As the story is narrated the viewer is left with a satisfactory sense of knowing and the knowledge that while Killy may not be able to save everyone, those who made it were given the chance to control their future. Blame is visually rich with good dialog and fantastic coordination. I am quite happy to have watched it, I think I will make it a habit to see more from these creators.

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