Check It Out – Movie Review & Recommendation: The Accountant via HBO Go

Check It Out – Movie Review & Recommendation: The Accountant via HBO Go

Film information

Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck) is a math savant with more affinity for numbers than people. Behind the cover of a small-town CPA office, he works as a freelance accountant for some of the world's most dangerous criminal organizations.

Directed by:Gavin O'Connor
Produced by:Lynette Howell, Mark Williams
Written by:Bill Dubuque
Starting:Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick, J.K. Simmons
Release date: October 16 2016
Language: English

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  • Characters
  • Narrative
  • Characterization
  • Dialog
  • Suspense
  • Structure
  • Violence
  • Pacing

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Review: The Accountant is an interesting film that takes us into the world of money laundering, crime, corporate theft and family matters. Ben Affleck acting has dramatically improved over the years and it can been seen in this role as an man who is a math savant and a bit more.

Affleck as Christian Wolff pulls a combination of smart, anti social mathematician that serves as the unlikely hero. While his role isn’t necessarily described as such, he is psychologically trained and possesses the skills that are what’s expected from a hitman and not from a CPA.

The film starts with a shooting scene, during that scene no much is shown but the screams and shouts of those being brought down by an unknown perpetrator.  As the movie progresses we meet Christian as a child, we quickly learn of his challenges.  As an adult Christian Wolff – one of his many aliases (Affleck) lives a normal life, as an accountant/CPA he provides his service in a small town office which serves as a cover for his real business.

While Christian’s challenges would’ve meant a life of little normalcy, his father opted to provide him with a dosage of tough love and mental stress that would later on save his life.  The Accountant is one of those movies that is entertaining enough to keep you awake on a Saturday night but not highly effective or thought-provoking.

Every character plays a role that seem to entwined with one another. From a criminal turned treasury analyst to the corporate accountant /love interest that seems too platonic to be effective and meaningful, each of these characters bring their own story giving it more depth ad substance. At times the story hints towards a possibility for more, I am sure that there is plenty where to explore. I enjoyed the movie more than I thought I would, Affleck was more physical, more methodical and more enthusiastic than I thought he would be. The Accountant brings to the table an old time feel that were only seen during 1970s thrillers.

The Accountant brings more than kick-ass action, it brings these characters together in a non typical way giving emphasis to autism and its overwhelming challenges.

NOTE: Bloody & violent – put the kids to be before watching The Accountant.

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