Check It Out – Movie Review & Recommendation: The Titan via Netflix

Check It Out – Movie Review & Recommendation: The Titan via Netflix


Release date: 2018 (USA)
Director: Lennart Ruff
Screenplay: Max Hurwitz
Story by: Arash Amel
Producers: Arash Amel, Fred Berger, Brian Kavanaugh Jones, Ben Pugh, Leon Clarance
Executive producers: Nicolas Chartier, Rory Aitken, Adrián Guerra, Jonathan Deckter, Laure Vaysse
Cast: Sam Worthington, Taylor SchillingTom WilkinsonAgyness DeynNathalie Emmanuel Noah Jupe  & Corey Johnson

  • Plot
  • Characterization
  • Dialog
  • Narrative
  • Structure
  • Visual
  • Violence

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Whatever is left of earth, it is being ravaged by war between countries trying to get their hands on earth last resources. In 10 years the earth will be unlivable, humanity will die of starvation and the human race will be extinct. In an attempt to save humanity, NATO scientist and a group of participants selectively chosen is the last hope for humanity’s survival. The Titan, purposely named after Titan, Saturn’s largest moon is the one possibility. While it isn’t suitable for humans, scientists believe that human can colonize it, but not without making changes to our anatomy.

As the story starts to develop we learn that a certain number of people around the NATO countries were selected. But those selected were chosen for a specific reason, their high sense of survival and resilient is necessary to survive in Titan. Titan’s atmosphere is active and complex, and it is mainly composed of nitrogen (95 percent) and methane (5 percent). Therefore for humans to survive and thrive, scientists needed to make changes, necessary changes for humans’ survival sucess.

With good acting and a good and interesting premise, The Titan brings together a good visual, good dialogue and a good message about the earth, earth’s future and what people may do to survive.   After going through all sort of rigorous exercises and treatments each of these characters get stronger, their body changes but not without consequences.  After the death of one of the members each individual in this treatment starts to experience the changes, not only physically but also psychologically. Each of these characters going through a transformation that changes them rapidly, but as more members of this group keep dying the hope for the program to actually be successful dimmer. At times, the story takes into account human’s reaction to the unknown & human’s need to know while all the while exploring the importance of family & love.

The Tian is an entertaining sci-fi film that brings a lot to the table. It imposes the question of scientific ethics, the profound need of exploring the unknown, and the desperation to push towards the unknown in order to survive.  If you are looking for something entertaining without the burden of judgment then watch The Titan, you may actually enjoy it.

While this movie may push a certain narrative for many, climate change deniers will hate this movie while others may find certain aspects of it plausible and believable, but for many, the human factor, as well as the science, is perhaps where judgment will be harsher. The question of ethics and the need to push the limit and boundaries may prove a lot for many. At what point is it necessary to put all we hold dear on a second stance when all the evil in the eyes of many is done for the greater good. Some topics left for exploration are scientific ethics, and right vs wrong.

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