Check It Out – Movie Review & Recommendation: Stranger Things S1:E1-8 via Netflix

Check It Out – Movie Review & Recommendation: Stranger Things S1:E1-8 via Netflix

Film Information

Title: Stranger Things
Initial release: July 15, 2016
Main Characters:
Network: Netflix
Language: English
Executive producers: Matt Duffer, Ross Duffer, Shawn Levy
Genres: Science Fiction, Supernatural fiction, Historical period drama, Horror fiction, Mystery, Psychological thriller

REVIEW: Stranger Things is the latest and newest Netflix original series to have been made available bringing back the retro look and feel of the 1980s. Think of ET, Super 8 and The Strain, in a match up to cause a commotion of feelings an emotions that will have you binge on Stranger Things non-stop. The first episode introduces us to four boys who clearly represent an era where nerds/geeks were not as cool as they seem to be today.960

It is then that we encounter the suspense and gritty execution of what I think is the most exciting introduction to a series I seen in a long time. While at times one gets to relate to some of these characters and their monotonous life it is also overstated how dull the 80s were.

The series brings together a series of characters that goes from interesting to mundane. The 4 main characters (Will, Dustin, Mike & Lucas) are perhaps the most interesting of the bunch while Will’s mom Joyce (Wynona Ryder) adds very little to the story. Stranger Things has more than just weird creatures showing up, there weird friendship/relationship that develops between Jonathan & Nancy leaves a lot of things unanswered.  Stranger Things isn’t exactly a Wynona RyderStephen King kind of horror, but the way in which it is executed mixing two things that one can easily enjoy: Horror and Science Fiction.





I could go on and tell you a lot of things about the story but this is why I recommend it. 

1 – Stranger Things goes deep into human relationships and broadens the exploration of travel travel/dimensionsstranger-things-1

2 – Stranger Things goes deep into human emotions and at times our inability to cope with loss

3 – Stranger Things explores young love and the complications that comes with sex, parenting & relationships

4 – Stranger Things exposes the dark side of exploration and the exploitation of human’s dark side and need to learn/know more

5 – Stranger Things brings the 80s and dungeon and dragons back!

Great things about Stranger Things:

1 – A great set of young characters that take acting to a whole new level: Lucas & Mike are perhaps my favorite characters in the series. Not only do they bring passion and strength to the story but their fervent and strong personalities give the story an award winning quality.

2 – Dustin is such a breath of fresh air – his acting is fantastic, he gives nerds a much needed “cute” reputation without taking away the seriousness of his character and importance in the story.

3 – Eleven (011) is the most interesting character and the most difficult to relate to and/or understand, but while the story focus much on her and her importance we also come to learn that regardless of her abilities and origin she is just one of the kids.

Not so great things about Stranger Things:

1 – Wynona Ryder – her acting was dull and boring. It made me wonder if they could’ve gotten away with just Jonathan and Will.3840

2 – Hormonal teens, young love & relationship drama, it seemed  a times unnecessary which makes is arguably irrelevant to the story.

3 – Uninteresting scenes and too many questions left unanswered about the disappearances and connection/relationship between Dr. Brenner & Eleven.

Overall, Stranger Things is a great start to what I hope is a long horror/sci fi series. It has such a great premise and the characters have so much going for them. The end was unexpected but quite satisfying. Go watch it – make it your weekend flick, grab the popcorn and ice cream.

Stranger Things brought to you by Netflix – watch it now!

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