Check It Out – Movie Review & Recommendation: Spectral via Netflix

Check It Out – Movie Review & Recommendation: Spectral via Netflix

Film Information
Initial release: December 9, 2016
Cast: James Badage Dale, Emily Mortimer, Bruce Greenwood

Main Characters: Dr. Mark Clyne - Fran Madison - General Orland
Network: Netflix
Language: English
Director: Nic Mathieu
Genres: Action & Adventure, Action Thriller

REVIEW: Spectral depicts the thin line between science and the paranormal. The story starts by introducing us to Dr. Dr. Mark Clyne, a DARPA scientist, a man who has an eye for engineering, his latest invention provides the military a great visual advantage.

The story unravels quickly and we are right away brought into action.  It all starts when a delta force member gets  killed by a mysterious entity that isn’t visible by the naked eye, and the only way it becomes visible is through the lenses of Dr. Clyne’s goggle/camera latest invention. After General Orland & the CIA office Fran Madison witness and review the video feed they come to the conclusion that they need expertise advise in the matter. It is then they invite Dr. Clyne to review the video footage, but what he witnesses changes his perspective of what he has created and how it is being used.

Spectral is a very interesting movie that explores the dark side of science while discovering what humanity is capable of when their greed for power becomes out of control. The plot revolves around finding out where these beings come from and how to eliminated while also exploring the dark side of science when mixed with military/governmental world domination desires. The acting is good and the dialog is interesting. The science is interesting and new, and human morality plays a big role in this movie. I think the actors did a great job trying to convey the science and the unexplained, while also adding the human side to a story that questions humanity motives to play god, and the dark desires that fall within governments with unscrupulous motives. The mix of science, paranormal & humanity need to survive makes for an entertaining story that tries to break the bold in what seems an alien filled genre.

Without getting too much into the story, I can say that I enjoyed it and I think it would make a good Friday night movie. Add the ice cream and popcorn and you can expect to be entertained.

Fun note: Think of this movie as a combination of Ghostbuster & Scorpion but without the cheesy romance and funny lines.

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