Check It Out – Movie Review & Recommendation: Colonia via Netflix

Check It Out – Movie Review & Recommendation: Colonia via Netflix

Film Information

Title: Colonia
Initial release: September 13, 2015
Main Characters: Lena, Daniel, Paul Schäfer, Gisela, Ursel
Network: Netflix
Language: English
Executive producers: Benjamin Herrmann
Genres: Historical Romance

REVIEW: Colonia (The Colony) depicts an interesting time in Chile – when the economy, society and politics craves change. The story quickly unravels – Daniel (played by Daniel Bruhl) has traveled to Chile to be part of the rising that fights restlessly to remove Pinochet from power. Lena (played by Emma Watson) is a flight attendant in-love with Daniel who travels to Chile to reunite to the young man who she has fallen in-love with.  When Daniel gets captured by the military – Lena embarks into the unknown in an attempt to find Daniel and help him escape.

Colonia (The Colony) thematic takes the viewer to a very dark time in Chile during the 1973 coup – coloniawhile up front  Chile fights for better times and a solution to its many economical and socio-political problems, in the background darker things happen. Colonia (The Colony) explores the dark side of a cult & the military dealings which explores how its members are pushed to their limits, dismantling them from their dignity and at times their life.

Colonia (The Colony) is a good weekend flick that I think shows us more than we are willing to see. The acting is superb and these characters gives us a view into the macabre and abusive cult that kept itself hidden from the world. Colonia (The Colony) brings the angst, tension and chilling truth of an actual cult that serves as a backdrop of a fictional story.


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