Born to Darkness (Book 1 In The Immortal Destiny Series) By Lorraine Kennedy – Review 3 of 5

Book description: Alec’s music is as dark as his vampire kiss is deadly, but Nicole will risk everything, including her life, to love him.

Born to Darkness is book 1 in the 4 Book Immortal Destiny Series.

Nicole Ashe is the average American girl, except that she happens to work for a vampire and doesn’t realize it. But all that changes when her boss sends her to convince a local rock musician – heartthrob, to help them retrieve an ancient relic that could be the answer to the vampire’s curse. Nicole soon discovers that Alec is a vampire … and completely irresistible.

There is something about Nicole that stirs Alec’s hunger nearly beyond control, but he would do anything to protect her … even from himself.  Nicole is destined for a world of darkness that she cannot even begin to imagine, and love that can transcend eternity.

My Review: Born To Darkness is the first book in the Immortal Destiny Series. This is the story of Nicole and Alec and their search for a way to destroy an evil vampire who wants domination over the vampire world.

The story of Alec and Nicole develops fast, their attraction is felt immediately and the story unfolds quickly. The characters aren’t complex; their interaction is short and to the point.

The idea behind this series is pretty good, however it lacks character development. I think the series has the right ingredients, however the story and characters felt rushed and the dialogue felt forced.

I will keep this series under the radar and will read book #2. I think the series has potential. I recommend the book but keep an open mind.

Interesting read, for this I give it 3 ♥ ♥ ♥  (hearts)

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