Book Tour: Fallenmore by Lucy Swing / @Luceduceswing – Interview

It is a pleasure to have Lucy Swing back on my blog again. This blog/book tour is to present her new release Fallenmore Book 2 of the (Feathermore Series).
Without further ado, I leave you with my interview


RD – Hi Lucy welcome back to ReadingDiva’s Blog. Always a pleasure having you.  Can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

Lucy: Maggie, Thank you so much for having me here today. It is always a pleasure. About me? I live in Naples, Florida with my two small children and husband. I am addicted to YA and music. I love writing and singing in the shower- though I am no good at the latter.

RD – Please tell us about the book you’d like to discuss?

Lucy: Today I am promoting Fallenmore. It is the second book in the Feathermore Trilogy. In Fallenmore we will see Jade struggling to reclaim her life and the inner demons that have set roots inside of her. It is a darker tale than Feathermore was (yes, it is possible!) but also, we will meet new characters that bring a different twist.

RD – How did the title of your book come about?

Lucy: In staying with book #1, Feathermore, likeness, I wanted to keep the –more at the end. In this installment, Jade is not herself, and so Fallen was a sure word to add to the title.

RD – Where did you get the inspiration or idea for the series?

Lucy: As lame as it may sound, from a dream. However, this trilogy is not said dream. I spun it around until it became what it is today.

RD – When I first interview you, you have just released your first book – “Bloody Valentine”, now you have a series going which I know is quite popular. How much have you evolved as a writer?

Lucy: Wow, a lot! When I started I had really woken up one day and said “I want to write a book”. I was extremely green in the beginning and had not a clue about this immense world of writing I am now a part of. When I started I had read somewhere, that the more you write, the better you get at it. And it is true. My prose has evolved and it is so much easier to get my point across.

RD- Which of your characters are the easiest and/or the most difficult to write about and why?

Lucy: The most difficult would have to be Lilith. I love a good villain! So, I really work hard on her making her sound and seem as evil as she truly is.  I don’t know if any character is ever easy to write, they all have their own quirks and complications. But Jade came with the most ease. I love her story and so it is easy to see her reactions to things.

RD – Which of the character is your favorite, it is OK to choose more than one ☺ ?

Lucy: Jade. I just love the way she responds to the struggles she faces. And well, Blake too. You will get to see more of him in Fallenmore!

RD – In a few words, how would you describe Fallenmore?

Lucy: Dark, twisted but romantic.

RD – What is the next or current book/project you are working on? When can we expect it?

Lucy: I am currently working on the third, and last, installment of the Feathermore Trilogy. It is too soon to give an exact date, but I am hoping by the beginning of November.

RD – Do you have any advice for other writers?

Lucy: Don’t ever give up. No matter what gets tossed your way, fight through it! In the end, it is all worthwhile.

Thank you once again Lucy for being so gracious and answering my questions. It is always great to have you. I am glad to see how much you have grown as an author and how far your writing has come. Congratulations!

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