Artist Of The Week: Illustrations Of Inspiration by Gabriela Birchal

Gabriela a freelance illustrator and 2D concept artist from Brazil.

She has experience working with video games, trading card games, board games, animated series and book covers. She has a special passion for fantasy and mythical themes, and very much enjoy working on sci-fi and other nerdy themes.

As a big nerd and gamer she is really passionate about fantasy and sci-fi illustration and aim to work on more fiction related projects. She enjoys collaborating with other creative minds and is always striving to improve both, her craft and herself in every project.

Art is her passion and being able to become an artist has been a dream come true.

After connecting with Gabriela I notice that some of my favorite illustrations can only come from a person with an imagination full of wonder and inspiration. Some of my favorite illustrations are of women, of course, they are some of the most detailed and realistic ones I have seen.






Gabriela portrait these women beautifully & without taking away the intended effect: strength, beauty, competence, and femininity. They are absolutely wonderful. Click To Tweet

Gabriela is very talented – she is also working towards her first comic book titled Carrion Song. Check out the first chapter in the comics, you can also support her work and efforts via Patron.

I really loved her work, her illustrations are so expressive and her attention to detail is amazing. If you are interested in seeing more of her work or need her skills, follow her on Twitter. There is more to see of her work by visiting her website and portfolio online.

Illustrators intereted in seeing their work feature can contact me via Twitter @readingdiva3

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