Advertise At ReadingDiva’s Blog & The ReadingDiva Daily Newsletter

Advertising at ReadingDiva’s Blog & The ReadingDiva Daily Newsletter

When you advertise at ReadingDiva’s Blog or The ReadingDiva Daily, you gain access to a large focused audience. We have sidebar ad space available with two different options designed to suit your advertising needs and budget. As an author, you also have the opportunity to advertise your books, book tours, book signings or your website and social media site via The ReadingDiva Daily. The ReadingDiva Daily has over 1600+ impressions per day/per edition. And since each notification is sent via Twitter, your reach is larger.



AD Services at ReadingDiva’s Blog & The ReadingDiva Daily Newsletter

Static and animated ads are accepted. If you’re not sure how to create an attractive animated ad, let me know, I can take care of that for you. The ReadingDiva Daily also offers a fantastic way of advertisement – I provide background image advertisement. Background image that can be tiled or shown in its entirety 1280 x 800 pixels or larger for background image (available for both RDB & TRDN).

Contact me for pricing and additional information.

Please note: Blog advertising is limited to below post, sidebar & header graphic ADs on ReadingDiva’s Blog. No paid content is accepted. Advertising has no influence on which books I accept for review and/or the outcome of any reviews posted at ReadingDiva’s Blog. I do not accept paid reviews. ADs do not constitute an endorsement by ReadingDiva’s Blog. Facebook advertising is limited to ReadingDiva’s page cover photo – weekly Advertisement placement available ONLY. Reach out to me about pricing via Twitter DM @readingdiva3 or via Facebook messenger.

AD Sizes Available

Side Bar Display

Side Bar Display – Available at ReadingDiva’s Blog & The ReadingDiva Daily Newsletter


Available at ReadingDiva’s Blog

Below Content Post

Below & Above Content Post – Available at ReadingDiva’s Blog & The ReadingDiva Daily Newsletter

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