Feature Request

Feature Request

Thank you for considering ReadingDiva’s Blog as part of your marketing efforts to promote your book(s). This blog is happy to offer you great promotion for a small fee.  I am accepting books for features ONLY. There is a small $15 fee for all features (payable via PayPal), this fee helps maintain this blog. All submissions will need to follow a certain criteria.

  • No religious themes
  • No political themes
  • Book feature will only be considered if it falls under these genre/sub-genres:
    • Paranormal Romance
    • Young Adult
    • New Adult
    • Psychological Thrillers
    • Sci Fi Thrillers
    • Mystery/Horror
    • Historical Romance
    • Dystopia
    • Urban Fantasy
    • Erotic Romance (Feature will be posted on SinfulReads Blog – www.sinfulreads.com)
  • You promise to provide all the material needed for the Feature:
    • Book Blurb/Description
    • Excerpt
    • Book cover/Image Excerpts
    • Character interview
    • Author interview
    • Author contact links
    • Author bio

The Promise: Your book will stay permanently in ReadingDiva’s Blog – your book will appear on ReadingDiva’s Blog Facebook page, Twitter & Google + account. Your book cover/banner will replace ReadingDiva’s Blog Facebook Cover Photo for 48 hours. Your book will be promoted via Twitter for 48 hours – 15 -30 minutes intervals.  Your book feature will include details about rating & book praises from readers.

IMPORTANT: Your book feature will NOT guarantee  a book review. If a review is requested, the book will not be Featured and review on the same day, reviews are post a week after the feature has taken place.

EVEN MORE IMPORTANT: I do not participate on paid reviews. Understand that any book I read & review will be entirely my opinion, and this may differ from others.  I never guarantee a positive review, but if I give a negative review I will be professional and will not set myself into a vendetta against you as a writer or the book. We all have different opinions about the things we enjoy and that includes book.

My reading pile is huge, though I shuffle things around from time to time I do not read under a time-frame since unfortunately, I do not read for a living. For more information about my review policy visit Reviewing Policy.

Acceptable genres: Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance,  Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Futuristic, Drama, Mystery & Thrillers, Horror, Steampunk,  Urban Fantasy, Utopian, Dystopia, Anthologies & Collection of Short Stories.  Religious themes and content are NOT accepted. This form is for INDI authors ONLY.

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