Review & Giveaway: The Virgin by Tiffany Reisz

Review & Giveaway: The Virgin by Tiffany ReiszThe Virgin by Tiffany Reisz
Series: The Original Sinners: The White Years
Published by MIRA Genres: Erotica
Source: NetGalley
The controversial story before the story continues in the critically acclaimed and award-winning series The Original Sinners.

For years, Kingsley Edge warned Eleanor the day would come when she, the mistress of a well-respected Catholic priest, would have to run and hide. She always imagined if that day came she'd be running away with Søren. But instead, she's running from him.

Knowing Søren and Kingsley will their use their influence to bring her back, Eleanor alone, penniless and scared takes refuge at the one place the men in her life cannot follow: the abbey where her mother has taken orders. Behind the cloistered gates of the convent, Eleanor hides from the man she loves and hates in equal measure

She cannot, however, hide from her true nature. When Eleanor befriends a young virginal nun, she faces a startling sexual awakening. But Eleanor can't stay forever, and the lure of her real life beckons beyond the locked gates. But to follow her fate means to leave Kyrie behind, a sacrifice Eleanor refuses to make

The lure of the forbidden. The temptation to sin. The price of passion has never been higher, and Eleanor will have to pay it if she ever wants to go home again.

Review: This review can start in many different ways, I can start by saying how much I love The Original Sinners Series and the characters, their stories and their lives. It can also start by saying how much I love and admire Tiffany Reisz for her ability to create such an amazing world of sex and passion, pain and pleasure. I could find many other different ways to say how amazing I find the books and stories she writes, I can also say that no other author has been able to convey the feelings and passion these characters felt, while bringing the reader closer and deeper into their world, passion and lust.

I could go on and tell you that as a reader it is difficult not to love these characters, from  Michael to Søren there is something that compelled me to devote a piece of my heart to their love and devotion for one another. I could go on and just praise this author and her writing style, her characters (all over again), their stories and passions, the way in which one is transported to a world of kink. There are so many ways to tell you how great her books are. However, I have chosen just one word to describe it, SPECTACULAR!.

The Virgin brings us back to the time when Nora ran, not to, but from the man she has always loved. The story beautifully flashes between the times of intense happiness and deep sorrow. Giving us glimpses into the time when all these characters were going through life altering experiences, from new found endurance, to needs and desires. From the moment possessive need took place, to the time acceptance was the only way. The Virgin covers every aspect of Nora’s life, before, during and after she becomes who she is now, what caused the changes and how she faced the consequences. The Virgin will surprise you, it will enlighten you in ways that only Tiffany Reisz can do. The Virgin explores Kingsley’s feelings, actions, needs, sorrow and pain. Readers will find the answers and reasons of why and how things came to be. Every page, ever paragraph gives us glimpses into the life of our beloved characters.

If you are yet to read any books by Tiffany Reisz, I suggest you start NOW. Her stories and characters feel so human that one can’t help but imagine them as if they were real. Her writing style is smart, fresh, funny, sexy & sinful. The Virgin was everything I expected and more. The back stories on these characters we have come to adore and the many questions we once had, have now been answered. Read The Virgin, enjoy it, savor it  because there is no other way to read it. Tiffany’s books were not written to be read, they were written to be devoured.

Do I recommend this book? Absofuckinglutely!
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I hope you enjoy The Virgin as much as I did. When you finally get to it,  stop by my Facebook page and let’s talk about it. I love talking about books and even more so about the books that touch my heart.
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